Slack Line

If you want to describe Slackline, you will most likely ending up saying: "It´s like tight-rope walking, just with a slack line". And that´s pretty much it!
Certainly there are some consequence to that! Slackliners use a tubing and not a rope. That´s just more comfortable. And having much less tension on the line makes a big difference! Especially if you cover some distance and don´t tighten your SLACK line too much, you will experience the Slackline rather as a mixture of a trampolin and a swing! But that´s just where the fun starts!

Like any other sport Slackline also got it´s one disciplines!
Highline are mostly set up in the mountains or where ever there is a canyon to be crossed.
Longline is a line longer than 30 m. Mostly longlines are also rather "high" lines.
Trickline mostly are set up at rather short distances and with the line at about knee height! That´s why they also get called Lowlines.
A Waterline is set up over rivers, lakes, pools or even then sea! Just make always sure to check, what´s under and in the water!

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