SLACKWARS - the war has just begun

SLACKWARS is a new way to have really great fun on a slackline and also to compete with others. This sport is in a very early state of development right now, and not many slackliners will be up for this challenge.

But if you feel save on the line and got bored of all the same old tricks all day YOU might be up fot it!

Slackline is about you keeping yourself in balance on a line which is only reaction to your movements.

SLACKWARS is about fighting an unpredictable and even aggresiv moving line and an opponent who is just the same!

This kind of competion and training is just gonna boost your capabilities to a whole new level!


You are ready? These are the Rules!

1. You stay on the line YOU WIN, you go down YOU LOOSE!

In order to obtain a fight you need to stay for at least 3 seconds on the line after your opponent touched the ground. This Rule will ensure this won´t be about touching the ground last, but really to stay on that line! It makes the decision who won also much easier! In case both "Slackwarriors" go down simultanusly or right after each other that will be an even!

2. We wanna have FUN

This is not about hurting each other or getting in any way aggresiv! Keeping your balance on that wobbling line and then looking at your buddy who is just struggling as much as you are, will just make you lough every time you get down that line! And that´s what it should be like!

3. Go down with Honor

Don´t give the line a last push when you fall anyway. This way not every fight ends in a draw and you don´t look like a bad looser!


Currently there are 2 disciplines:


Both opponents stand in the middle of their half of the line and try to shake the other of the line by bouncing and surfing the line. But there is no direct contact between the two!


Here also both start in the middle of their half. But now the will move towards each other and try to slap the other off the line! Keep in mind not to hurt your buddy and you will also see that feints and tricks often work best!

Set up

You wann choose a rather short and low setup for a slackwar! Length shouldn´t be more than 30 feet or 10 meters. And the line shouldn´t be higher as your knees! You will need a little bit more tension in the line! And certainly make sure the system can stand the additional power. As always also keep the area safe so you can´t hurt yourself when falling!

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